Clean adventures
make you smile


The best moments of your active holiday up in the North

Exotic fatbiking in the middle of the arctic woods and the best sceneries of Rovaniemi. We ride in small groups and always on your riding level.

Fun and safe sports activity with big chance to make life long memories!


We call it Kaamos, the season when sun gives just few hours of daylight in Lapland. It’s the most exiting time to join our guided mountain biking tours.

All the seasons and wonders of Lapland

We love our Lapland and really want that you could experience all the seasons and phenomenons of this wonderful creation of Mother Nature.

There is no better way to do it but a MTB-tour in the forests of the  capital of Lapland.


Autumn with cool weather and nature full of colors is perfect season for mountain biking in Lapland, Finland.



Smile on a bike guaranteed

For us, it’s really really important you enjoy the tour. That’s why we do our best to make you feel welcome, safe and relaxed during the tour.

  • To give you as personal  service as possible, we only take small groups; max eight persons per one guide.
  • We always adjust the route to fit best for your/groups riding level.
  • We use only high quality and serviced bikes. It’s all about riding easiness and comfort. And security of course.

If you don’t smile on our tours, get the money back and go home =)


Check some of the latest moments from our rides below!