Custom private tour with a guide

Let’s plan a custom tour exactly for your preferences!

Wan’t to go for a longer ride? Ride outside our normal tour times? Want guiding for mountain biking? A photography bike tour? Tell us what you are planning and we will make it happen!


Prices consists of guide rental + bike rental fees (if needed)

Daytime 10.00 – 16.00 
60€ / hour / guide

Other times 16.00 –> 
100€ / hour / guide

Bike rentals:

Premium fat bikes and electric assisted fat bikes for example
55€ / 3 hours
80€ / full day

We will give you an offer for bike rentals based on the length of the planned tour.

Send us your idea to
rovaniemi@rolloutdoors.com for tours AT ROVANIEMI or
kiilopaa@rolloutdoors.com for tours AT KIILOPÄÄ and we will give you an offer.